Kirik Party Girl SAMYUKTHA HEGDE's Exclusive Interview

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Written On October 30, 2016
By: Shraman Jain...!

Yes! Samyuktha Hegde, the name that's floating now in Sandalwood because of her debut flick "Kirik Party". The actress is bubbling with expectation about her role in Kirik Party.

Here's a small chit-chat between me & Samyuktha, which you must check out!

And here goes my questions...

• Tell me something about Yourself
I'm an energetic teen Studying in Jain college, J C road, 1st year B.A. Except for studying, I have a strong passion for dancing.

• Your favorite food, place, actor, actress & hobbies?
I don't have any favorite food items. I love to eat anything & everything that is eatable.
My favorite place is a shower. It is the only place where my thought process runs faster than usual.
Coming to my favorite actor, I don't wanna be cliché and say Rakshith Shetty though he is one of my favorites.
I love Sudeep sir a lot & I want to work with him in the future.
My favorite actress is Sruthi Hariharan, she is one person who is constantly doing different roles and inspiring people to act better.
My hobbies are dancing, listening to music, talking and entertaining everyone around me.

• Describe Samyuktha in one word
Hmm.. Actually a lot of words are running in my head. But for me Samyuktha in one word is 'Extreme'. She is the extreme of everything like extremely emotional, extremely energetic, extremely spontaneous, extremely everything.

• What made you to give auditions to Kirik Party? How was the moment when you came to know that you are selected?
The team saw my profile on Facebook and they called me up and asked me to give the audition and as soon as I heard Rakshit Shetty's name I agreed to audition. I went to there for audition and once I was done with my audition they said "welcome to the Kirik Party team". I was so exited with the tears of joy running down my cheek that I just can't imagine anything better than that because in front of me was Rakshith Shetty & Rishab shetty telling me that I am selected for the movie and I couldn't ask for more.

• Tell me something about your role in Kirik Party
In Kirik Party I am playing a completely bubbly and happy go lucky student who is extremely naughty and tom-boyish.

• How was your experience working with Rakshith Shetty sir?
Working with Rakshith sir was just amazing. He is person whom l would look up to. The way he visualises things and the way he comes up with new ideas is just way beyond incredible. I've definitely inspired from his movies like Ulidavaru Kandanthe, Ricky, Simpllag ondh love story. All these movies inspires people to do so much better. He has such variety in the movies he does and at the same time he is not doing commercial flicks just for the sake of doing a movie.
He is doing such meaningful projects like Godhi Banna Saadarana Maikattu, such an amazing concept & such an amazing movie. He is working with incredible teams that are coming up in Sandalwood & making brilliant movies. I am really really happy that I am working with him as a co-actor in my debut film.

• How did you manage your studies while you were shooting for Kirk Party?
My college is constantly supporting me for whatever I do & my classmates are helping me out with notes and everything. I really like to thank my teachers & my HOD for taking so much trouble for me & helping me out with all the subjects.
I am some how managing both college and the shoot. But it is a definitely a hectic task. But I think it's good that I started off so young.

• What are your future plans?
I don't have any ideas as of now cause I believe in living the moment I'm in, so I am still not sure about what I am going to do & what I want to do, just sticking on to whatever I am doing now. But I'm definitely going to start off with a dance video channel on YouTube with my friend Manas (budding cinematographer) as soon as possible. Because that is something I have really wanted to do for a long time.
And my first video will be with my sir Mr.Ansul Kumar Garg.

• What do you like to say about Kirik Party team?
The team is very supportive & they keep helping me in whatever I do. They tell me what I have to do and what I shouldn't. Director Mr. Rishab Shetty, some one who is constantly behind my back, scolding me, mending my ways and guiding me like my elder brother. He is just there all the time telling me what I am doing wrong, what I am doing right, how I should act better and how to express better. I feel much more like a family when I'm around them.
I am definitely lucky to have been doing a movie with a team like this because this team is just so inspiring & friendly. I feel like I should be there most of the time.

• So, What are your final words?
Before ending I'd like to say that I really need to thank each & everyone who have constantly been supporting me round the clock. I'd like to thank my family for being there with me through all this. They have taken so much pain for me and I am really happy that I have a family who is always supporting me. Last but not the least I'd like to thank everyone who makes me look good on screen from the costumer, the makeup artist, the light men, the cinematography team, my co-actors, the director, & Mr. Rakshith Shetty. Thanks a lot for everyone for making me what I am or giving me these lessons in the past few months & making me a better person. Thanks a lot to everyone!
Thanks a lot to FiLMiBEE for letting me talk about all these & I really appreciate the fact that you took my interview. Thanks you so much.


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