EXCLUSIVE: Kiranraj on his directorial debut with '777 Charlie'

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In the wake of directing couple of award winning short movies, and working as an assistant director for various Kannada movies like Endendigu, Ricky, and Kirik Party, Kiranraj is venturing into the shoes of a director.

Kiranraj is good to go for his directorial debut titled ‘777 Charlie’, produced by Rakshit Shetty. So, let’s check out how excited he is!

Interviewed and Written by: Vinayak Naik | Editor: Shraman Jain

• What is 777 Charlie all about?

‘777 Charlie’ is a story between a man and his dog. Charlie is the name of the dog, who is exceptionally naughty and interesting. The man is totally irritable and forlorn. Thus, you’ll witness an interesting blend in the film. Moreover, the story is about how a dog can play a crucial and vital role in one’s life.

• Why the title 777 Charlie?

777 is the license number of the dog. When you register your dog, you’ll get a permit number. Along with the number a tag is also given. In case, the puppy goes missing, one can find it through its license number given on the tag. And as I mentioned before, the dog’s name is Charlie. Therefore, we’ve titled it as ‘777 Charlie’. Besides that, the number 777 additionally portrays something which you will come to know once the film is out.

• It’s a different plot, a special subject altogether. How did the story strike to you?

(Smiles) I have perused few articles in which individuals take their pets out for an excursion. Many individuals travel with their pets. At this point a thought struck me and I figured why shouldn’t I pick this topic for my story. This is the manner in which it began. Every character in the movie are inspired from real life.

Who all are in your team?

Aravinnd Iyer is the lead. Apart from him, numerous actors will be included. The process is in progress. We are going through it step by step. The film is produced under Rakshit Shetty’s Paramvah Studios. There is also a team of associate directors, namely, Gautham, Rachana, Sharath and Varun. Other pre production work like music, location hunt etc are going simultaneously.

• For what reasons did you feel that Aravinnd Iyer would be best suited for the role?

I’ve known Aravinnd since we working in Kirik Party together. The look Aravinnd conveys is what I require for the character in the film. As a performing artist, he is great and he perfectly fits the role. Considering this, I felt that Aravinnd is the ideal choice.

• How did you convince Rakshit Shetty to produce the movie?

The film I’m trying to direct isn’t a normal commercial film, yet it is one of a kind. Considering these factors, I knew, getting a producer wouldn't be so easy. To pick a movie with such a topic one ought to have great taste in movies and I know that Rakshit is one of them. So, I narrated the plot of the film to him and he was very happy and cheerfully said “I will produce this movie without a doubt.”

• Since this is your first movie, what are the challenges you’re experiencing?

So far I haven’t had too many troubles. The difficulties will start once we start the shoot. To imagine a scene is easy but to execute it on the screen is hard. And shooting with animals is exceptionally troublesome because they have their own issues. For example, they can't be active for long hours or they can’t be exposed to light for too long. Considering this, the challenges are yet to come.

• Since so much work is going on, what is the present status of your film?

We recently finished the first look photo shoot which was released all over social media. The response was very accepting and amazing. At present the pre production work is going on and we will begin the shoot by mid January. We intend to hit the theaters by 2018.

• What according to you a film should have? A star cast, a decent publicity/promotion or a good content?

According to me, a great story is the foundation of film. The reason why rakshit Shetty agreed to produce my film is because it’s a one of a kind story and not because of our friendship. Also, the Kannada audience is very accepting of cinema with new topics. One such example is Ondu Motteya Kathe. The movie doesn’t have a star cast neither a star director. It impressed the audience through its story, making and execution.

• Numerous new filmmakers are thinking of new kind of movies. Where do you stand in this competition?

Honestly, I don’t have the foggiest idea. I’m simply focusing on my work. I’m not really thinking about the competition. I just want to give great films and I’ll strive to do the same. When the audience watch the film, it should relate to their lives and it should affect their lives. And for this I need to make quality movies.

• How sure are you that this movie will work among the common people?

This topic is widespread. Everybody these days love animals and like to have pets. Each pet lover will unquestionably like the movie. Even those who don’t like pets will start adoring them after watching this movie. When the first look was released, it created a huge buzz all over social media. Many tagged pet lovers in the comments. I even got a lot of response from people in the industry. Therefore I feel that this will surely work.

• Are there any other projects you’re working on?

Yes, I’m one of the directors in Rishab Shetty’s anthology of short films called ‘Katha Sangama’ where 7 directors tell 7 stories. And I have finished my part of the movie.

It appears that Kiranraj is putting his complete effort for the film and he is sure about it. Let’s wish him all the success for his first dream venture.


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