#Chamak: Ganesh Has Been Diagnosed With Dust Allergies

by October 22, 2017 0 comments
By: Shraman Jain.

Sandalwood's most expected movie, "Chamak" of Simple Suni and Golden Star Ganesh blend, has recently finished a fight sequence in Bangalore. Be that as it may, Ganesh was sick amid the time of shooting!

The sequence was held at the football stadium in front of Chamarajpet's Deer Park, throughout the previous three days. Suni had intended to shoot a fight sequence and a song. Ganesh has been shooting throughout the previous three days for this exceptional fight sequence, in between the Holi celebration.

Be that as it may, Ganesh has been determined to have dust hypersensitivities as a result of steady utilization of color powders. However, without stopping the shoot, Ganesh finished his portion and went home to take rest.


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