Will Uppi Finish All His Committed Films?

by August 14, 2017 0 comments
By: Nishan Puthran.

Not long after Upendra declared his political entry, has gotten some rejoinder from both political and film arenas. In the meantime, Upendra has conferred with various line-up movies. Upendra has stated, "Perhaps the political entry is my 50th film". His words clarifies us that, Upendra won't acknowledge any film for right around a year.

Upendra chose to take a major crevice from the film industry, not long after subsequent to finishing a current commited movie. "In the wake of finishing a film, I will totally include in Prajaakeeya and Prajaakarana", he says.

Presently the inquiry has arrived that, will Upendra finish his committed movies, such as, Dr. Modhi, Uppi Ruppee, Nagarjuna among others. Sources uncovers that, because of this reason, he has left the multi-starrer film 'Kurukshetra'. Along these lines, we've to hold up to know how Upendra responds to all these inquiries arised.


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