Uppi Tweets About IT Attack! What Is His Opinion?

by August 04, 2017 0 comments
By: Shraman Jain.

The Super Star Of Kannada Film Industry, Real Star Upendra, who occasionally tweets on the social issues, this time has tweeted with respect to the IT attack focusing on Minister DK Shivakumar.

As of now, the tweets have turned as talk of the town and everybody out there are agreeing and valuing Upendra's words.

Upendra's tweets are as follows:

Why don't they video record income tax rides on politicians and publish ? People have right to know the truth.

Say no to raajakarana, Rajakeeya,Rajaneethi. We want prajaakarana, prajaakeeya, prajaaneethi.

No Raja key ya  yes praja key ya. In prajaaprabhuthwa democracy. Key should be with praja not raja.


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