Will Darshan & Prem team up again after 14 years?

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By: Shraman Jain!

Kariya, a Kannada film directed by Prem as his debut, highlighted Challenging Star Darshan in the lead role. This film was released two times, and progressed toward becoming blockbuster hit both times. Darshan assumed the role of gangster who falls in love with Abhi, dancer.

After 'Kariya', the pair will be back together after 14 years.

Yes! As indicated by a source, Challenging Star Darshan and director Prem will be doing another film together, which will be produced by "Hebbuli" notoriety Umapathy.
Neither Darshan nor Prem have officially reported about their up coming joint venture.

If the buzz swings to be valid, only after the finish of "Tarak" and magnum opus "Kurukshetra", Darshan may take up Prem's film.


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