Ravishankar Turns Director Fir His Son's Debut

by July 18, 2017 0 comments
By: Nishan Puthran.

Sandalwood's most prestigious Villain,  Ravishankar, who himself has clarified that his son enters Kannada film industry. Presently, Ravi Shankar is setting up his son to acquaint him with the silver screen, at the earliest opportunity.

On One side, Ravishankar is acquainting his son Advaith with film industry and then again, he will wear the director's cap for the same.

Ravi Shankar is wanting to dispatch his child Advaith's film on one year from now's Ugadi.

Ravi Shankar has uncovered that four stories were made and out of those four, one story has been concluded for his son's debut venture, will be directed by Ravishankar himself. Preceding this, Ravi Shankar had directed Malashree's "Durgi" movie, which was an amazing hit during those days.

Whenever asked, alongside the direction, whether he'll assume the villian role inverse his son, Ravi Shankar stayed tight lipped and stated, it might happen, however not certain.

Advaith, who has finished his B A degree and by and by getting acting preparing in America. He is additionally focusing on Move, battle and acting, will come back to India in January.


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