All you need to know about Rishab Shetty's Katha Sangama!

by June 14, 2017 0 comments
By: Shraman Jain!

When a Sandalwood movie buff hear Katha Sangama, one will recall the legendary director Puttanna Kanagal and his treasury of movies.

To convey a tribute to this doyen, Rishab Shetty is coming up with Katha Sangama, for which he has converted​ seven stories into a gathering of short movies. The first story, which highlighted him alongside Hariprriya, has as of now been canned, says a source.

Katha Sangama will be directed by seven unique directors coordinating each of the stories, where Rishab would be the main director of the collection. Each story will have diverse specialists and teams, and wanting to have the most encouraging youthful ability, says Rishab.

For cinematography, the same will have Venkatesh Anguraj, who has officially shot the first​, Karm Chawla and Arvind Kashyap, among others, as a component of alternate movies. For music, currently B Ajaneesh Loknath, Vasuki Vaibhav and Charan Raj are on board.

Meanwhile, the stories for the movies are already prepared & the team is anticipated​ to start shooting by the month end. The makers are taking a gander at a December release. The thought is straightforward -- we need short, fresh engaging movies of around 20 minutes that will guarantee assortment as well, says Rishab.


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