FiLMiBEE Exclusive : Rashmika Mandanna's 'Simpallagondh Maathu-Kathe' With Shraman

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One of the most cutest budding actress of sandalwood, Rashmika Mandanna is living out a fairytale. The young actress couldn't have dreamt of a more celebrated debut. This former national fresh face winner continues to steal hearts with her graceful looks and brilliant performance in her debut film, Kirik Party!

Rashmika is so gracious & pleasent that no interaction with her can be dull. There's no question that she won't answer, always with a smile on her face.

In-spite of busy schedule, Rashmika happily agreed for a casual conversation for 'Simpallagondh Maathu-Kathe' where she has shared lot many things about her.

Interviewed & Written By Shraman Jain | Chief Editor : K Harish Mallya

• Describe 2015 !

Phenomenal! It's been a roller-coaster ride, but more than anything, it has been an incredible year. I couldn't have asked for a better year.


The subsequent day of my birthday, i.e on April 6, my journey with Kirik Party began & I shot for the film uptill June 6. After that I got busy with dubbing, promotions & other works. Today, here I am in 2017, enjoying the result of preparation, hard work, and learning with so many special memories.

• Most of the people just know that you're improvising with your Kannada but, don't have idea that you've dubbed for the role Saanvi. So, what's your reaction ?

I would like to acknowledge all that I was the one who dubbed for the role Saanvi (Laughs).

With lot of efforts & support from Rishab sir & Kiranraj I could complete the dubbing process successfully. Today, If I have improved in my Kannada, the process is also one of the main reason.

• What did your mom, dad & sister say after watching your performance in Kirik Party ?

My Mom (Suman Mandanna) & Dad (Madan Mandanna) have supported me a lot. And, I'm very confident that they'll, throughout my career. After watching Kirik Party, they said "You've done a fabulous work. Keep going & we'll always be with you."

Talking about my sister (Shiman Mandanna), She is just 3 years old right now. So, she is very small to speak regarding my performance. But, whenever she watch me on screen, she just shouts my name with joy & delivers a cute-innocent expression which I just love to watch.

• What has & hasn't changed in your lifestyle after you became a celebrity ?

There is a lot of changes in my lifestyle, these days. When I step out from my home, people start to recognize me & ask for selfies, autographs which is obviously a new experience for me. I've to attend lot of calls, Interviews & functions. Actually, I love to sleep. But, I am missing it, these days (Smiles). Gradually I'm getting adjusted to all these & soon I'll.


What hasn't changed is, I daily follow a routine, giving bath to my sister & put her to sleep. Even today, my friends make fun of me or attempt to provoke me in a playful way. Like these, there are many small items which hasn't changed yet.

• Are you under pressure to select films more carefully now ?

Absolutely not! As I have just started off with my career I would rather try not to be choosy. I would like to work on good scripts and ofcourse with a team that I feel comfortable with.

• You looked stunning in Kirik Party. What's the secret ?

(Giggles) Obviously it is because of naturality. I prefered the look of how a normal college going girl dresses up in her daytoday routine. I belive that is what worked and people could connect with the character that I played. People out there know me more as Saanvi and that really makes me feel good.

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