Exclusive : Chandan Achar Unveils His "Kirik Party" Experience With FiLMiBEE

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Actor-Director Rakshit Shetty's Debut production "Kirik Party" is all set to strike theatres near you before the end of 2016 or first week of 2017.

While the film, directed by Rishab Shetty, has supporting cast entirely made up of new faces who were recognized as technicians, short makers & theatre actors.

FiLMiBEE is proud to introduce you one among those talents, Chandan Achar who have trained under Ninasam. He has shared experience working with Rakshit & team!

Interviewed by Shraman Jain On November 3, 2016 πŸ˜‰

• Can we know something more & interesting about Chandan?
I am Chandan, basically from Mysore who has lots of interesting dreams, since from childhood. I was very strong in cultural activities & was actively participating in all the competitions. When I was in 8th std, I had been to a competition where Mandya Ramesh sir's "NATANA" students were performing. This totally inspired & attracted me towards theatre. Later in 1st PU, I joined the "NATANA" institution & learned everything under Mandya Ramesh sir's guidelines, which was literally a turning point in my life. In Rangayana, I was a part of "MALEGALALLI MADUMAGALU" - an act which was of 8 hours duration, had created some records.

Somewhere I had felt, there is something beyond the art & to explore I joined 'NINASAM' and completed my 1 year course. Also learnt each & every minute items that's required to be a professional actor. After all these span, today I've taken acting as my profession & totally enjoying & exploring with what I am doing.

• Why film industry? & How did you grab the role in Kirik Party?
while acting in theatres, I was some what evoked towards films. I was watching movies regularly. This interest was because of B Suresh sir. In his sessions we, students used to discuss about world's leading technicians & actors. His words motivated me to explore ingredients in the films & also direct shorts. I guess all these aspects made me to take up film industry.

After I completed my 'NINASAM THIRUGATA', I was working with Maya Mruga fame SethuRam sir where I was playing a prominent role in his directorial act 'Atheetha'. During this period, financially I was not that strong. One fine day, I received a message from my friend regarding Kirik Party auditions. On his advice, with no hopes I attended the audition. I remember, I had received 759 card number out of 3000. I performed what I knew & while returning back home, I got a call saying I've been selected for second round. I hadn't bought any extra dress for the next day, somehow managed with the help of my friend & gave audition the next day infront of Rakshit. I hope he liked my settledness & finally got selected to Kirik gang!

• Being a student of 'Ninasam', how it actually helped you to face the camera?
Drama & film has thier own possibilities but both have their own power. The way of getting into the role is same for both. Obviously, strength & confidence that I possess today is because of Ninasam. But seriously it's not so easy to face camera unless you know it's technicalities well. While talking about the camera, I must mention our Cinematographer Karam Chawla who had proved himself in Ulidavaru Kandante. His dedication, hardwork & knowledge regarding the same is just fabulous & same goes for Rakshit.

Of course, I am very proud to utter that Ninasam is one among the cause for what I am today. So at this space I would love to thank Ninasam for enlightening every essential items required to be recognized as an actor.

• What do you like to say about the role you offered?
I am playing a role named Alexander, who belongs to Christian community. He will be very straight forward & very close to the character Karna (Rakshit). He'll be a great support to Karna in all his steps of life, appreciating his goods & criticising his bads. The role resembles what I was during my degree. So it didn't took too much of time to get into the role. Rakshit & Rishab asked me to put on some weight, but till the end of the shoot I couldn't (Smiles). Evicting it, I hope I've given authentic justice to my role.

• Differentiate Rakshit as an actor & producer
We all have seen the way Rakshit grew in film industry as an actor, director, producer, lyricist, choreographer, singer & more in a very short span, definitely because of his amazing talent. He is very good friend for me who has a fabulous aesthetic sense. I can connect with him & share my thoughts. He is learning & improvising from film to film & his intensity in direction is unmatchable. He has his own fan followers because of his own approach.

Now he is a producer for Kirik Party. I must say, as a producer he is very generous & he knows exactly what he wants. As a producer he has done his work very neat in all aspects. The best part of him is, supporting the young talents & will bring those talents to lime light along with him. See, if today I am speaking about KP, it's definitely because of Rakshit & I know Thank You will surely be a small word to convey my gratitude.

• How was the experience working under Rishab's direction?
Rishab is an amazing creative director, strived a lot in life & has reached up to this level today. He never made us feel that he is a director. He was a good friend for everyone. His energy on/off sets is astonishing. I feel, if I consume 1% of his energy, life would be startling. Even a single minute on the sets he would think of improvising a shot & come up with new ideas & dimensions. His years of experience in film industry has given me some knowledge about the film industry. I totally enjoyed working under his direction.

• What would like to say about your co-actors? & Can you share one memorable incident that happened on the sets?
In the film, I've worked with Rakshit, Dhananjay Ranjan, Aravind Iyer, Ashwin Rao Pallakki, Giri, Rajath, Shankar Murthy, Rashmika Mandanna, Aishwarya, Samyuktha Hegde, Achchyuth Kumar & many more. All these actors have done some achievements in their respective fields. For 3/4th of the star cast, it's a Debut movie & also a big exposure to show off thier talents. On the sets we used to discuss regarding the improvisations, homeworks, offer suggestions to each other. During night, we were confessing the struggles in life, each one had. Also, there were lot many things to learn from each co-actor.

It's too difficult to pin a particular memorable incident that happened on the sets. Each day on the sets was memorable. But still if you want me to say, I wanted to share my experiences that I experienced since from my old days with Rakshit. So I had written everything that I wanted to confess with him & made sure it had reached him. The very next moment he read, he replied me & he was very happy after reading it. It was totally a memorable day for me since I felt, I got a good friend to share my feelings.

• So, What NEXT?
I have already finished the shoot for my very own friend Rohit Padaki's flick 'Dayavittu Gamanisi' which is yet to release. Few days back I grabbed a chance to act under Yogaraj Bhat's upnext with Ganesh movie which is titled as 'Mugulu Nage.'

Before the release of Kirik Party I have acted in a film & yet to act in another film. Undoubtedly, Kirik Party is the big mile stone in my life. So I again thank Rakshit, Rishab & entire Kirik Party team for making it happen. Just now I've opened my eyes in the film industry. So I need all your support & blessings to achieve my dreams in this field.

I also Thank FiLMiBEE for giving me a chance to pin my thoughts & share the experience working with Kirik Party team!