'Kirik Party' SANVI's Exclusive Interview With FiLMiBEE

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Interviewed On November 5, 2016
By: Shraman Jain, Tweets @theshramanjain

On October 29, 2016 Real Star Dr.Upendra launched the much awaited 'Kirik Party' trailer & as expected, the trailer opened up with whooping positive response all over with record number of views at YouTube.

While, In the trailer, exactly at 1:26 minutes a girl with Gorgeous Eyes, Courageous Look & Heart Stopping Smile will step down from the bus & a refreshing song "Saanvi... Nammellara kathe putadali ninadonde hesaride.." in the background has totally made the boys go crazy & she is none other than 'Rashmika Mandanna', female lead of 'Kirik Party'.

Yes!! Rashmika Mandanna is a student cum model from Coorg who is the winner of National level Times Of India Clean & Clear Fresh Face - 2014 & the winner of TVC of Lamode Bangalore's Top Model Hunt. She is currently the ambassador for the first among equals of the wedding journals.

Let's find out something more about her in a small interaction I had..

• Who is Rashmika? Can you just describe her in a sentence?
I am a simple girl who is basically from Coorg. I am studying in final year degree at Bengaluru. I just love watching TV & eating chocolates. I like cats & dogs. I love learning new things & love watching Anime. Music is a must. I listen to music whenever I am free, it's my escape. Other hobbies includes swimming & working out at gym.
If I could describe me in a sentence I would describe as "Girl who loves to make people smile'.

• Can you just glimpse over your journey from your childhood days till the day you given audition for Kirik Party?
I had spent my school days at Coorg. Later I went to Mysooru for my PU education & moved to Bengaluru for my degree. I started my modelling career at the initial stage of my degree education.
I remember, in school we used to get one dairy milk bar for 2 weeks. So we used to trade chocolates for completing the notes or doing someone else work for them. In my PU I was totally wierd. I used to love getting drenched in the rain. Everytime it used to rain & we used to run out of the class & get drenched. I was never a party animal. I've been to a party ones in my life. When I came to Bangalore, I started going to movies with friends or else it was only with family. And that's just 5% of my study days.
People used to say that I am very silent & down to earth both in & out. I have lot of friends but, I am the only one who is reserved among them.

• One fine day, you'll be selected as female lead for a big project - 'Kirik Party'. How all dit it happened?
The Kirik Party team had somehow found my profile on Facebook & contacted Times Of India people to grab my number. They called me & asked me to give audition. In the audition they asked me to do some acting & seriously I had no expectations that I'll be selected because my Kannada was not upto the mark. But luckily, they said "Welcome to Kirik Party team.' I was so shocked that I couldn't explain the  joy which I experienced at that particular moment.

• How did you prepare yourself before getting into the sets of Kirik Party?
Actually I had problem with my Kannada as I was in Hostel through out my studies where we had to talk in English. This was the implement on my language barrier. As a result, I used to pick up my script & practice my lines from morning till night with the support of my Mother. Also, the character which I am in the film reflects what I am in my real life. So it was somewhat easy for me to execute infront of the camera.

• Acting opposite Rakshit Shetty is a dream for every Debut actress. But it became true in your life. So how was the experience?
I look into a person's character more than his fame or anything. Rakshit Shetty in his character is one of the best person everyone would love to work with. He is sweet, smart, very talented & he knows exactly what he wants. He is very sweet to everyone he meets. As a person I like him a lot.

• What are the things you've learnt from Rakshit in the entire journey of Kirik Party?
Well, first thing I learnt is Kannada & I've improved a lot in my Kannada. The other thing is Patience. I haven't acted in any of the movies before. So he taught me how to be around the movie crew & how to treat people there. Meanwhile, he helped me a lot to improve my acting skills.

• What would you like to say about Samyuktha & other Co-Actors in the film?
Actually, I've been to one or two scenes of Samyuktha & definitely she is a brilliant actress. I just love the way she executes & too goes for the guys. Except Rakshit, everyone are new to this field. But they all have done a great job. I hope I've matched up to their level.

• Can you just glimpse over the fun you guys had behind the scenes?
Behind the scenes all the time we used had fun. The comedy in this movie is so epic that if we had to take same scene 7 takes, all 7 takes would be so funny that all the crew members used to sit & laugh all the 7 takes. Fun things happen in & out in this movie. Whatever happens on screen is the same thing that happens off screen too.

• As we can witness in the trailer, "Sanvi" looks covert descent. Is she?
Yes! Sanvi is a descent character. Also she is matured, selfless & sweet.

• How was the experience acting under Rishab's direction?
Rishab is one director who gives lot of time to the actor to come into the situation. I haven't worked under any director before. But if I want to say, he is the one director whom I felt comfortable to work with. As he is himself an actor, he understands the actors well.

• Till yesterday Rashmika was known only to her family, friends & well wishers. But today whole Karnataka knows her. So, how you feel?
Just the trailer is out, but the people have already started to call me "Sanvi". They are like -- "Sanvi mam, you look so pretty in the trailer", "Sanvi mam, can we get your autograph?". I feel very lucky to get noticed in the name of the character I play. 
This experience is totally new for me & I am very much happy & excited as well.

• So what would you like to say about the long Kirik Party journey you came across?
The long Kirik Party journey, I felt very short. I also felt it was going too fast. I feel the Kirik Party shoot began few days back & can't believe it'll be released this month end. Right now, I feel I want to stay in the Kirik Party zone for some more days. The journey was totally new, refreshing & entertaining for me.

• So, finally what would you like to say?
I request everyone, please do watch Kirik Party. It'll be amazing & great to your Heart. You'll definitely travel back to your college days while watching. 
I feel very bad as I can't reply to all the positive feedbacks I am receiving. So at this space I would like to say Thank You for all those sweet words. I also request all to support & bless me throughout my career.
I would also like to thank Filmibee for conversing with me and for reminding me my good old days and pinning it down.